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Kapil Sharma is super stressed after the fight episode with Sunil Grover, these airport pics are proof

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Kapil Sharma is certainly not in a good place after the unfortunate incident with Sunil Grover and others from The Kapil Sharma Show. The ouster of Grover from the popular show and fans dissing the celebrated comedian for his wrongful treatment of his co-stars has left a big dent on his image. Thanks to which, we’re now seeing a sullen, stressed out comedian, who is in no mood for the paparazzi’s flashlights. Sharma was spotted yesterday at the airport and with his image of being a ‘troublemaker’, the displeasure is visible right on his face. He dismissed the media, who tried to get pictures of him as he clearly seems to be too caught up with other things on mind. Ever since people have found out what exactly happened that led to the infamous split of Sunil Grover from The Kapil Sharma Show, things haven’t worked really well for Kapil.

A major brawl took place in of the Air India flights where the team of TKSS was present. Over an extremely minuscule reason, Sharma threw a shoe on Sunil and hurled verbal abuses at him, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar. This obviously led to the trio calling it quits and looking for better opportunities. But while they’ve disassociated themselves with the show, things have fallen apart for Sharma. The comedian might be sent a legal notice from Air India for misbehaving in their flight. And the show’s novelty, TRP and fame is crushing. Their attempt to make things work without Grover and the others hasn’t worked out as well. The show did an episode where Kapil invited his friends from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. However, their done to death jokes and attempts to make anyone laugh has fallen flat.

So you can see why the comedian looks so troubled and stressed out at the airport. Much recently, we found out that the number of dislikes on the episodes uploaded on YouTube has increased tremendously while the likes remain at a low stance. The YouTube episodes, that usually score a yay from the audience also decided to boycott against the comedian as they hit the dislike button for the most recent episode. That episode didn’t have Dr Mashoor Gulati aka Sunil Grover and perhaps this is fans’ way of conveying the message that they’re not going to like TKSS if Grover doesn’t return. Damn, there is a lot in Kapil’s plate right now to ponder over. We wonder what the fate of the comedian is or if this is it for him.

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